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12/22/2004 Snow Storm
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Playing in the snowI barely ever use my digital camera since I often don't have the batteries to spare for it. Over the Christmas Holiday we were snowed in and I needed a dignified excused to go play in the snow. Looking around, I found some batteries and went on a photography binge. This website is the result. Please enjoy.

More Shots of University of Dayton  
Holy Angels Church Snowy Mary Rudy's Fly Buy Front of Albert Albert Emanuel

As a very early birthday present I was giving a nice set of rechargable batteries with recharger for my camera. The AA 2500mAh NiMH Energizer rechargable batteries really do keep on going. It took 3 solid days of pictures just to run down one set. As a result, I took over 600 pictures of campus last week. Since the Monday of that week was Martin Luther King Day, I decided to name the galleries I took that week in honor of him.

In these galleries, I got around a fair bit more, plus in the first and last day of shooting, the light was halfway decent. I finally made it over to the Holy Angels Church to get a picture, grabbed a good picture of Rudy's Fly Buy, and experimented with some skyline shots from some really dirty windows. I think I might invest in some glass wipes.

South Park Historical District  

The South Park Historical District is the neighborhood just north of the University of Dayton "Darkside" Student Neighborhood on the other side of Wyoming St. It is the largest historic district in Dayton covering 24 blocks featuring structures dating from the 1880s to the early 1900s. My family lives on Park Drive where most of the shots in these galleries take place.

The 12/22/2004 Galleries are of the snow storm as it was happening. The snow coming down didn't show up very well. I also attempted to try taking pictures of the house as it was snowing, but the camera kept turning itself off each time I took it out into the snow. So most of the pictures are from the front porch and the windows in the house.

The 12/23/2004 Galleries were all the day after the snow storm as people were hurrying to dig themselves out enough to get around before the deep freeze hit. In the first one, the goal was to capture as much before people had much chance to dig themselves out, and to get a close up picture of the stuck snow plow shoveling a side of Park Drive. I woke up with my sister and dad going out to shovel, so I knew I had to hurry.

The Second gallery was later in the afternoon after I had a chance to eat something. Towards the beginning of the gallery, I tried experimenting with the 2X digital zoom from my sister's windows, mistaking it for a real zoom, and discovered it is a pretty lousy zoom. In the midst of that experiment, one of the shots I took as a benchmark, ended up being the best shot I took. In the end, I managed to make it all the way to the end of Park Drive in before my batteries gave out.

It was around 4:00 PM when I took the final gallery. The sun had finally came out, the light was perfect and I managed to steal some more batteries from a CD player. I wanted to get some shots of Blommel Park, the church, and some of the houses on Oak Street.

   Picture of it snowing from front porch.

Best Shot, from sister's bedroom window

The Park Drive Green

University of Dayton  
Garden Apartments Albert Emanual Hall Kennedy Union Green Resting Place of Mary Louisa Stewart in Serenity Pines

I was eager after the snow to make it over to my apartment and start getting shots of campus before the snow had been cleared off too much. Unfortunately, the snow prevented me from getting over there till Christmas Afternoon. On the bright side, the campus was still snowed in pretty good. I started from my apartment at the corner of Alberta and Stewart and followed the campus drive up to the chapel, then wandered the court yards up to Serenity Pines and back to my apartment before my batteries ran out.

The second gallery is from the Sunday after Christmas, the light was better, and I knew from the day before where I wanted to target next. I have never had a good excuse to go up Stewart Hill, and I hadn't made it up there the day before, so that became the goal. I started at St. Marys and wandered the court yards again, took another swipe at Serenity Pines, then went up the hill. Afterwards I got a couple of shots around the Engineering Building and Humanities Plaza till I ran out of space on the camera.

In the end, I got 250 pictures of campus.

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